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Cloud Service Providers who agree with the principles of the CloudCode may become Signatories. Each provider produces a set of disclosures that meet the CloudCode requirements (section 5) for their products or services.

To be a Signatory, all products or services marketed implicitly or explicitly as Cloud Computing must be covered by at least one Disclosure Document. There is also a Provisional Signatory option for providers who haven't yet produced disclosures for all products but intend to. Providers may only state they are a CloudCode Signatory when disclosures have been independently confirmed by the CloudCode team and they are listed on the CloudCode Register.

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Signatory Responsibilities

The CloudCode is a voluntary Code of Practice. The requirements are not onerous and are generally actions that good Cloud Providers are often already doing.

Signatories to the CloudCode agree to:

1. Disclose information about their Cloud Products and Services

  1. Produce one or more Disclosure Documents pursuant to Section 5 of the CloudCode and covering all offerings marketed explicitly or implicitly as “Cloud” products or services; (Signatories who have not yet completed disclosures for all of their Cloud offerings may be granted Provisional Signatory status)
  2. In the case of consultants or others providing independent Cloud-related advice rather than Cloud products or services (excluding those who act as an agent for a Cloud provider), agree to recommend to their clients that they should consider whether or not Cloud providers are signatories to the CloudCode;
  3. Comply with their Disclosures at all times and ensure that all products and services covered by Disclosures are provided in accordance with their relevant Disclosures;
  4. Act in accordance with the CloudCode’s disclosure statements;

2. Notify changes to these Disclosures

  1. Advise clients within 28 days of a change to the disclosures which materially affect the way a product or service is delivered to a client;
  2. Produce a Disclosure Document and submit it for review immediately on release of a new Cloud- related Product or Service that is not covered by another Disclosure Document; (If a Disclosure Document has not been produced and reviewed within 90 days of the release of a new Cloud-based Product or Service, the Signatory will be considered in breach of the clause)

3. Publicise these Disclosures

  1. Provide a link to their disclosure statements on their publicly available website;
  2. When promoting the CloudCode on their website via the Signatory logo, link to the CloudCode website;

4. Not "Cloud-wash"

  1. Not market any product or service as a “Cloud” product or service unless it meets the CloudCode Cloud Computing definition (ie no “Cloud-washing”); Where a product or service meets the spirit of the definition but is excluded on a technicality, the CloudCode team may, at their sole discretion, confirm in writing that it still acceptably meets the definition.

5. Participate in the CloudCode

  1. Undertake the review of Disclosure Documents process as outlined by the CloudCode team;
  2. Participate in the Complaint Resolution process outlined in Section 6 if a complaint is received;
  3. Be registered on the publicly available Register of CloudCode Signatories; and
  4. Pay any fees for assessment and listing as outlined from time to time on the CloudCode site.


Provisional Signatories

Providers wishing to become CloudCode Signatories, but who have not yet produced Disclosure Documents for all of their Cloud related Products or Services, may become Provisional Signatories if they:

  1. Meet all of the requirements above, except producing Disclosure Documents for all their products;
  2. Have produced and had reviewed at least one Disclosure Document related to a Cloud related Product or Service they offer; and
  3. Intend to produce (and have reviewed) Disclosure Documents for all of their Cloud related products or services within a reasonable time.

This last point is an intention. No time limit is currently set, however if it becomes evident that the provider has no intention of completing disclosures in a reasonable timeframe the provisional signatory status can be revoked.



The CloudCode is operated on a not-for-profit basis by the Institute of IT Professionals NZ Inc, an independent not-for-profit incorporated Society. Fees are charged on a cost recovery basis to ensure the ongoing sustainabilty of the CloudCode.

CloudCode signatories agree to pay an assessment and annual subscription fee plus an additional fee for multiple disclosures.

The current fees are:

All fees are on an annual basis and must be renewed annually to maintain Signatory status. Provisional Signatories incur the same cost as full Signatories.

Each set of disclosures may be updated up to twice per annum at no cost. Additional updates incur a fee equivalent to the cost of an additional set of disclosures.



Cloud providers can use this template (.docx) to prepare their disclosures, or submit disclosures in any other suitable format.


We strongly recommend you read the CloudCode document if you're considering becoming a signatory.

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