Complaints Process

Signatories to the CloudCode agree to participate in a complaints process operated by the Register. Full details are contained in the CloudCode document but the overall process is outlined below.

How to make a Complaint

If you believe that a CloudCode Signatory has made a false or inaccurate claim with respect to a disclosure statement, you must submit your complaint in writing.

The complaint must include the following details:

  1. Details of the CloudCode Signatory you are making a complaint against;
  2. Details of the disclosure you are challenging;
  3. The reasons why you are challenging the disclosure;
  4. Any supporting documentation that relates to the matter;
  5. Your contact details including address, phone and email address.

The more information provided in the complaint the faster the CloudCode team will be able to start the process to resolve the issue.


Complaints Resolution Process

When a complaint is received the complainant will be acknowledged by email. The CloudCode investigation team will initiate an investigation into the matter via the following process:

  1. Contact will be made with the Signatory concerned, who in the first instance will be given an opportunity to response to the complaint;
  2. The investigative team will seek further information as appropriate and may convene a panel of independent experts. The complaint, response and further information will be considered by the investigation team and a draft report with findings and the proposed resolution will be prepared and sent to all parties;
  3. The complainant and the respondent will be given 14 days to respond to the report, including having the opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in the report;
  4. Following further consideration of any responses, a final report will be issued.
  5. The complainant and the respondent may appeal the decision within 14 days via a documented Appeals Process provided by the relevant country’s CloudCode team.
  6. If no Appeal is lodged within 14 days, or an Appeal fails, the resolution outlined in the report will be enacted.

An investigation may take anywhere from a day to several months depending on the nature of the complaint.


Possible Outcomes of a Complaint

Following an investigation of a complaint, one or more of the following outcomes will be contained in the final report:

  1. That no further action is required;
  2. That a Signatory must update a disclosure statement or correct an anomaly;
  3. A referral of the matter to be directed to a relevant local authority;
  4. That the Signatory be withdrawn from the Register of CloudCode Signatories.

The Final Report may direct that the report, outcomes or resolution remain confidential or be released publicly. If the resolution is released publicly, the respondent may or may not be identified.


Laying a Complaint

Please contact us if you wish to talk to a member of the CloudCode team about laying a complaint.