Changes in Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of the CloudCode was released on 24 July 2012. This version contained a large number of updates although very few changes to the Disclosures themselves.

The main changes include:

  1. This version prepares for the release of the Register of CloudCode Signatories shortly, including the new Complaints process, CloudCode Signatory logo and branding and other supporting material;
  2. In preparation for international adoption of the CloudCode, New Zealand-specific requirements have been moved to a specific New Zealand schedule and references removed from the rest of the CloudCode;
  3. Following consultation, changes around the Security section to move registration on the CSA STAR Register to a disclosure (in line with the rest of the CloudCode) rather than a mandatory requirement. There is now also the opportunity to list other security-related disclosures;
  4. Given the emerging nature of standards in this space, we’ve moved away from maintaining a list of recognised standards (other than CSA STAR). Some will be in the guidance to the Code. Providers may now list other standards;
  5. This update also introduces the new CloudCode branding in both the document, logos and website;
  6. A rewritten introduction to make the core requirements clear, and other wording and structural improvements throughout the document.

You can download Version 2.0 here.